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Thunder from the Sea by Joan Hiatt Harlow

Tom Campbell, thirteen, has just come to live with nice, childless Enoch and Fiona Murray on a small island off Newfoundland in 1929. On Tom's first day helping Enoch fish, they rescue a young Newfoundland dog that's swimming, unaccountably, in the sea. After ten years in an orphanage, Tom is prone to insecurity, of which he now has cause for plenty: will the owner of his beloved "Thunder" turn up to claim him? What mischief will be stirred by fellow rescuers Amos and his bully of a son, who covet the dog? Will the Murrays still want Tom after their own long-wished-for baby is born in the spring?

Joan Hiatt Harlow's Official Website: http://www.joanhiattharlow.com/ You can email the author from her site.

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